Social Media Multiple Personalities

Does anyone else suffer from social media multiple personalities? you know, when you have this account for just your firends and this other one where you display all of your writing stuff and this other one where you… well you get the idea.

Here’s how my social media personalities are currently behaving – or misbehaving.

My writing… well that’s mostly here on this blog.

But I also have a facebook page for Cas Webb

I currently have 40 LIKES but as of today only 1 TALKING ABOUT THIS. I’m not 100% on how this works but my assumption is that means my page isn’t very interesting. To tell you the truth I have it set up to automatically update when this blog is updated and that’s about it.

I want to get involved with twitter as a writer, it’s on my to-do list.

I also have a pinterest account which I am trying to use the one account as both a writer and a mum.

And as a writer I have a DeviantArt account, though I am a bit shy to say I haven’t quite worked out how to make the most of this yet.

Specifically for the story I am publishing online (LIFE)… it has its own blog: It’s had 546 HITS and 21 FOLLOWERS (not including those following through facebook) I feel this could do better but I don’t want to post anything but the story on this blog, so it’s easy for readers to become immersed in the fantasy world.

It has it’s own facebook page which gets automatic updates from its blog and currently has  28 LIKES and 5 TALKING ABOUT THIS. which still says to me that the page isn’t thriving.

To try and liven up the facebook page the main character also has her own facebook page. Which means she can then comment on the other pages about things that might hopefully interest readers. She currently has 9 LIKES and 1 TALKING ABOUT THIS.

If you have a successful author/writing based social network I’d love to check it out and *steal* some of your systems / techniques.

When I purchased a new camera I went a bit photo mad and needed a direction, or somewhere to put them. South Coast Weddings was born, a blog and a facebook page. which hasn’t really been given much attention lately, aside from printing handfuls of brochures and posting them off to relevent tourist/wedding info companies. But things are supposed to be hobbies aren’t they? We should be allowed to indulge as the interest catches us and let them sleep whilst we recharge our batteries – though I know this stop-start attitude can lose followers and interest. The blog has had 708 HITS and has 4 FOLLOWERS. This one actually gets on my nerves a bit. I’m effectively advertising the whole area and I could be drawing in business to any number of local companies like accommodation and venues and yet I can only stomach visiting one or two local businesses to share information about the blog at a time. I am so shocked at how many people grill me, ‘what are you doing this for?’ and ‘what do you get out of it?’. Because someone can’t just share information without needing a hidden agenda? No agenda, I’m just in love with taking pictures and social media.

Anyway the facebook page has 31 LIKES  and only 1 TALKING ABOUT THIS. I’d like for it to grow faster, but I haven’t figured out how yet.

I also begun a blog to share with other mums/parents.

I was sharing some of my day to day life on this blog but when I started going through postnatal depression I felt that the things I wanted to share were too far removed from writing to be putting it up here. On the mummy blog I put up everything from trials as a family to activities for my 8 year old and issues with sleep with my 11 month old and of course my own journal type entries.

The mummy blog has had 921 HITS and has 31 FOLLOWERS (not including those through facebook).

From the issues I raised on the mummy blog I started a local parents facebook page and blog, which I am currently running a local competition on but am having trouble getting momentum. Much to my surprise a competition doesn’t get as much attention as I had hopped.

Also as an off-shoot from the mummy blog Jingle & Roar was launched. It has an Etsy shop and a facebook page and a facebook group for kids handmade, new and second hand items. It also has Clothes For A Cause, which sells clothes and donates as much as possible to local charities. The page has 37 LIKES and 44 TALKING ABOUT THIS. which I’m very happy with in terms of the page doing what it needs to be doing to grow.

The reason it has a page is because with a page I can sell directly off facebook. The reason it has a group because groups require people to JOIN and then they get notices and can get invites etc a lot easier. Well at least that is my logic. I would rather just have the one spot but that’s the way things seemed to work out.

So that’s a bit of a snap shot of my online life as it stands today. Kind of like a social media audit. It’s good to see where all these threads of my efforts are going and where they are / are not working.

My goal for the next few weeks is to do targeted online sessions. A friend said the other day that she does 10 minutes a day for each online persona. I’m trying to keep it under an hour a day (per persona) at the moment so I was shocked that 10 minutes is a usable unit. And she does have more success online than I currently do… so 10 minutes a day.

The Goal is:

  1. Log on.
  2. Write a post/update/comment on my page/blog
  3. If I have likes/folows, like/follow back
  4. Find someone to like and message them for a like back
  5. Find someone else who might be interested in me
  6. Comment intelligently on one of their posts
  7. Aim for making 4 connections in this way
  8. Log off.

If you have blogs/facebook pages or other social media you’d like me to take a look at please comment below. Tell me who you are and what you think you have going on that might interest me/help me etc and then link to you 🙂

And don’t forget to hop along with ROW80


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