ROW80 checkin

Hi all you ROWers.


This week I feel good, I feel on top of my goals.


My ‘chapter a week’ posts have been going up on time and I have already begun editing next weeks chapter so at the moment I am ahead of the goal, yay!

What’s this?

Please take a peak if you are interested in YA fantasy you may enjoy 🙂

Or on facebook 🙂!/pages/Life-Magic-Family/250916178358264?notif_t=page_new_likes


My social media addiction isn’t as under control. It was midnight last night before I could tear myself away from reading blogs and posts on the bubhub forum! And the only reason I shut down the computer was because baby was starting to wake up.

So I have to work a bit harder on that one.


  • My goals at the moment are to connect 50 people with my story, hopefully I can have 50 subscribers to the blog, by chapter 10.
  • And to limit my social media to 1hr a day.
  • And to work on my other wip, which I am still on chapter 1.
  • And to finish the children’s book I started yesterday 🙂


How about you?

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3 thoughts on “ROW80 checkin

  1. I feel your struggle.
    When I was 18, I moved into a dormitory full of incredibly interesting people doing all kinds of interesting things. Some nights, I roamed the halls, trying to see if anyone was awake and doing something. 8 floors worth of dorm rooms.
    I didn’t get much sleep.
    Now, at 40 something, I have an internet full of incredibly interesting people doing all kinds of interesting things. But even if I “roam the halls” all night, they will never sleep. If I try to keep up with them, neither will I.

  2. Congrats on staying on top of your goals! I saved your chapter story to check out too 😀 LOL at AmyBeth’s “roaming the halls.” It’s true! There are people up somewhere in the world at any hour. It’s comforting and unnerving all at the same time. Have a great rest of the week!

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