Bashaba on a blind date!

This blind date includes one of the characters you just met in the Kemla series, Bashaba. These two characters have never met each other, they’re not even from the same novels. But tonight the two writers have thrown their characters together for a blind date and we want you to comment and decide how the … Continue reading

Claire Craig, editor at Pan Macmillan

Claire Craig is one of the editors attending this years CYA conference. Here’s an interview from earlier in 2013   Reblogged from   The Centre for Youth Literature has picked the brains of Australia’s YA publishers to gain insight into their work, and their titles. For the next few weeks we will be featuring … Continue reading

Sophia Whitfield, New Frontier Publishing

Sophia Whitfield  –  also appearing at CYA this year as the Final Judge: Unpublished Category 6 – Graphic Novels, Illustarted picture books and Middle grade illustarted novels. Category 7 – Illustrations.  Sophia is an editor for New Frontier Publishing. New Frontier publish quality children’s and educational books which inspire, educate and uplift children. Books that children will … Continue reading

Cars, buses and trains

So after four hours on a bus we’re finally on the train. There’s a huge advantage to being on a train, toilets and a dining car are top of my list. So too is a table and room for my mini-lap. Victoria I’m editing your work right now, loving it!!! Next on my to-do list … Continue reading

Brisbane Airport

I’m sitting at Brisbane airport, after taking the stinkiest bus ride ever! I have 3 hrs before the conference begins and I know I should be editing… I will edit. I’ve my book in my bag, I will get to it, but right now the hive of activity around me is just too interesting. There’s … Continue reading

Get a weekly boost

I’ve been scouring the internet for competitions… I could send you the links Each week I read and study something to do with writing… I could expand your mind with a few quick quotes I come across the most amazing writing prompts … I could link them to you Interested? Join the mailing list,